User Policy and Agreement

All users must read, acknowledge and sign the HMIS/ServicePoint User Policy, Responsibilities Statement, and Code of Ethics before they are granted access to the HMIS system. 

For a copy of the most recent form, click here to download: HMIS User Agreement

Maine HMIS Training Process:

The Maine HMIS is currently offering video trainings. If you would like to be trained in HMIS,  please fill out the “User Agreement” form (above) and submit it to the Maine HMIS Team through email or fax. Upon receipt of the completed "User Agreement", we will setup an account in Bridge, our online Learning Management System (LMS). You will receive an email from Bridge with enrollment instructions. Once logged in, you will be able to access assigned training courses. After successfully completing all required courses, please contact the HMIS Team and we will set up your HMIS account.


Fax (207) 624-5768

Some topics the training videos will cover:

  • Logging in to ServicePoint
  • Navigation to ClientPoint
  • Search for Client Records
  • Input Client Data via ClientPoint
  • Configure and manage Households
  • ServicePoint Summary Screen Data Entry Workflow
  • Add Entry/Exit and Services data to a Client Record
  • Confidentiality & Security

Successful completion of all assigned training courses is required before a User will be given access to the Maine HMIS ServicePoint database.

Bridge Training Request Form - Complete this form to gain access to available training courses for HMIS and Housing Navigators.

Homeless Academy

Note: Our training software assumes that each registrant will have a distinct email address and will not allow two registrations for the same email address under one course. In terms of online tests, the assumption is that each participant will login using a different machine so that the test represents their work, not a group effort. Once New User training has been completed, Users will need to complete Program Specific training. Training will be based on job requirement.