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HPRP Reports and the ART Gallery and SSVF

October 31, 2013 Comments off

We get this report from the Bowman Systems / ServicePoint staff re: the HPRP reports and SSVF


HPRP Reports and the ART Gallery

Following a dialogue with HUD regarding the HPRP program and SSVF we have decided to “retire” several of the HPRP reports as they are no longer required for SSVF reporting.  A HUD AAQ response assures us that “HUD has without question retired the HPRP APR.  The VA hosted two start-up conferences last month for all new grantees. We have been told the message was clearly communicated at those meetings that the APR has been retired for SSVF purposes. The Data Guide (VA HMIS Curriculum) on the VA’s web site clearly omits it as a reporting requirement. Should we find other documentation from the VA on this we will forward it to you, but at this time that is the clearest documentation we have.  If there are specific grantees that are still being told to submit an APR we can reach out to the VA TA staff and have them follow up directly with that grantee and/or the VA as appropriate. Please let us know if we need to make that connection in order to assist you further.”

The following reports are no longer being supported in ServicePoint.

0231 HPRP QPR with Client Drill Filter
0234 HPRP Data Quality Report Part 2
0412 HPRP Financial Assistance Monitor
0613 HPRP Financial Report
0615 HPRP QPR with Client Detail

The following reports/user manuals in active reports gallery but the reports will not be updated.
0230 HPRP Data Quality Report Part 1
0624 HPRP APR Detail

Update- A question was asked about what “reports will not be updated” means. The SSVF reports will still be in ART. They will still work as expected and will return current data. BUT – Bowman staff will be making no new alterations to these reports.

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2 updated Reports – HPRP / SSVF

April 4, 2012 Comments off

Two updated reports from Bowman have been added , updated
0624 – HPRP APR Detail .

These are now the latest versions from Bowman as of 2/15/2013

The report in in ART > VA (Veterans Affairs)> SSVF


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