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2018 Point-in-Time Data Collection Forms

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The annual Point-in-Time Survey takes place in late January each year. This year, the Maine Continuum of Care, with support from MaineHousing as the Collaborative Applicant and HMIS Lead Agency, will be conducting the Point-in-Time on the night of Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018.

For the 2018 PIT count, data may be collected on the night of the count and on the three days following – January 24th, 25th and 26th . Data collected on the three days after the night of the count still MUST reference where the respondent was staying on the night designated for the count (January 23rd).

Outreach is a critical component of the Point-in-Time. We depend upon local efforts to organize teams of volunteers to seek out and connect with those who are not staying in emergency shelters. They may be sleeping in their cars, camping out in the woods, or staying in other places that are not suitable for habitation.

These forms are provided to inform that effort and should be used by outreach groups when performing the count. The look of the forms for 2018 have change significantly but the questions on the form are relatively the same.

2018 PIT Unsheltered Form and 2018 PIT Unsheltered Reference Sheet

– these forms should be used for the unsheltered/street outreach piece of the PIT on the designated PIT night of Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. The form should be used to count those persons who were staying in a place not meant for habitation on the night of Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018.


  2018 PIT Non-HMIS Participating Form and 2018 PIT Non-HMIS Reference Sheet 

these forms should be used by those emergency shelters, transitional housing projects, and safe havens who do not use the HMIS to record their client stays so that their client counts can be included in the PIT numbers reported to HUD.


2018 Youth Addendum Form

– this form should be used for sheltered and unsheltered  youth under the age of 25 born after 1993 in addition to the other forms and HMIS entry.


In order to distinguish between forms we have now added shapes that are across the top of the form, this should make the data collection process easier. The unsheltered and Non HMIS forms both have a reference sheet that you should review before you interview a person. If you would like to have these forms printed and sent to you, please contact Amanda Castner at Maine Housing (

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2018 PIT and HIC Process for HMIS Providers

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This is a reminder that the annual PIT count is Tuesday, January 23, 2018 and all data in the HMIS for residential/housing programs needs to be reviewed after Tuesday the 23rd to ensure that it reflects what was true on the date of the 23rd. Emergency shelters and transitional housing programs are required to send a signed certification to Maine Housing by February 9, 2018 using one of the methods listed below.

In order for shelters and transitional housing projects to view and validate their data after the night of the PIT, the following steps should be taken:

-Run the “Sheltered Count and Detail PIT 2018” in ART. This report can be found in the “PIT 2018” folder located in the Public Folder

-Please review this report carefully to be sure that the information is accurate as of the date of the annual PIT Survey, Jan 23, 2018. Remember that all clients who have left the program should have appropriate exit dates. If the data needs to be cleaned up, please do so, and re-run the report after the ART refresh.

-Once you have verified that the data is accurate, print the certification page (page 1 of the report), and sign and date it. Please send in only the certification page.

-Return the completed and signed form no later than Feb 9, 2018.


MAIL to: MaineHousing Attn: Amanda Castner, 353 Water Street, Augusta Maine 04330- 4633

HIC – In addition to the PIT count, all projects with beds dedicated to serve homeless persons must review and submit a Housing Inventory form.

Thank you for your time and attention to the annual PIT count and Housing Inventory process.

-The HMIS Team

Annual Point-in-Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory Count (HIC)

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As January quickly approaches, we are gearing up for the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory Count (HIC). The Point-In-Time is an annual count of persons experiencing homelessness. An accurate and complete count helps involved agencies and organizations to understand the need and plan for future projects. The goal is to get complete data from all Emergency Shelters, Safe Havens, Transitional Housing, and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs in the state of Maine, as well as to capture data about unsheltered persons experiencing homelessness on the night of the count. This year’s count will occur on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. The Housing Inventory Count is done on the same night, and is a point-in-time inventory of projects within the CoC that provide beds and units dedicated to serve persons who are homeless.

HUD guidance states that CoCs should use the client data already collected and entered in the HMIS as the primary data source for the sheltered PIT count. The PIT count process will require providers to review and validate the data in the system to ensure that it reflects accurate counts and information for clients who were sheltered on the night of January  23rd. In addition, HIC data related to bed inventories must be reviewed and validated through the HMIS for the same night.

We will be using our Homeless Academy to review video trainings this year for the  HMIS PIT/HIC data reporting to train providers on the reports that should be used to do this review and validation. The videos are strongly suggested for providers who will be reporting their PIT numbers using ServicePoint and for all HMIS Participating providers who are on the housing inventory.

date coming soon

In preparation for the count, providers are encouraged to review existing HMIS data for accuracy and completeness.

In addition, data collection forms for the Unsheltered/Street Outreach portion of the count and for non-HMIS participating shelters, transitional housing, and safe havens can be found at:

Should you have any questions, please use the help desk form on

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2017 Housing Inventory Count Guide and Form

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For non-HMIS participating projects needing to submit a HIC, please use the following links to download the HIC Report Guide and HIC Form:

2017 Housing Inventory Certification Report Guide

2017 Blank HIC Form

Projects with beds dedicated to serve persons who are homeless on the night of the PIT (January 24, 2017) must submit a HIC form to MaineHousing by Wednesday, February 8th. Forms can be submitted in the following ways:

Mail: MaineHousing, Attn: Amanda Castner, 353 Water Street, Augusta, ME 04330




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