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PATH 1/7/2016 Webinar Slides

January 7, 2016 Comments off

The PowerPoint slides from the PATH Webinar on 1/7/2016 can be downloaded here:

PATH Workflow Updates

Creating Referrals for PATH Projects in HMIS

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Updated HMIS Data Entry Forms

September 16, 2015 Comments off

In order to align with the upcoming October 1, 2015 changes in the HMIS Data Standards, we have updated the sample HMIS data entry forms. The changes do not affect data collection on all screens, so we have posted only the forms with updates. These are available to agencies as a tool to aid in data collection, but are not required. The forms are posted in Word format so that projects can amend them as necessary to meet their data collection needs.

ESG Entry 2015

HTS Entry 2015

ESG and HTS Interim 2015

CoC Entry 2015

CoC Interim 2015

Annual Assessment 2015

SPC Entry 2015

SPC Interim 2015

PATH Entry 2015

SSVF Entry 2015

RHY Entry 2015

Youth Outreach Entry 2015

UDEs 2015

PATH 2015 Data for EXPORT v 1.1 updated.

April 2, 2015 Comments off

PATH 2015 Data for EXPORT v 1.1 update and clarifications.

We have discovered that the referrals section of the PATH 2015 Data for EXPORT report was not including all relevant referrals due to an undocumented ‘bug’ in ART involving referrals. Working with Bowman staff we identified a workaround which should now allow all relevant referrals to be included in this report. The ART ‘quirk’ involving referrals impacts only reporting on referrals in Entry Exit based reporting.

Clarification on what is included. The way services, referrals, and outreach contacts are recorded in ServicePoint they are not connected explicitly to a specific project entry. The Services, Referrals, and Outreach tabs present services, referrals, or outreach records dated between the report Start and End are included.

The updated version of PATH 2015 Data for EXPORT report is now ready in the PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness).

Special thanks to Ali at Preble Street for helping to identify the issue.

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PATH 2015 Reports are now available

March 26, 2015 Comments off

The new PATH reports for 2015 are now available.

Note: These reports are designed to report on PATH program specific data requirements and are NOT designed for use by non-PATH projects.

The new and updated PATH reports look at PATH data in ServicePoint using the revised UDE and PATH data elements requirements as defined in the HUD August 2014 HMIS Data Standards Manual. These reports should NOT be used to review data completeness for client records where the client exited before 10/1/2014.

Path2015 ART Reports

The PATH 2015 Data for Export report is primarily designed for exporting data for use by DHHS staff in DHHS data systems.

Instructions for using this report are here – PATH 2015 DHHS EXPORT

The PATH 2015 Data completeness detail report is designed to provide an overview of PATH project data completeness and provide detail tables to help confirm completeness and identify missing data.

Instructions for using this report are here – PATH 2015 data completeness detail

The PATH 2015 Last client services review for current clients report is designed to provide an overview of how recently services have been provided to engaged or enrolled clients. This This report can be used to identify clients who have missing services and to identify clients who need to have data updates in terms of Engagement or Enrollment.

Instructions for using this report are here – PATH 2015 last client services

The Housing Inventory and Bed Utilization (DHHS)  report has been in the PATH ART reports folder for a number of years and has not had any significant update at this time.

The PATH Program participation days / nights for period report has also been in the PATH ART reports folder for a number of years. This report has had a minor update to include the Path Client Enrolled field answer for each Client row.


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PATH Data Entry Forms

February 19, 2015 Comments off

The following forms have been provided by Catholic Charities in conjunction with DHHS to aid in HMIS data entry for the PATH program. If you have any questions, please contact Catholic Charities.

PATH Contact Log Form

PATH Intake Form

PATH Interim Review-Update Form

PATH Exit Form

PATH Services Provided Form

PATH Referrals Made Form

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