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PowerPoints from ESHAP 2016

January 10, 2017 Comments off

Introduction 2016 ESHAP Training

HUD LGBTQ Presentation  Abby Equal Access for Shelters_Maine_12 3 15

DHHS Child Care Resources for Families Experiencing Homelessness    Elissa CCSP presentation

HMIS Data Entry ESHAP Training UPDATED 12-3-2015

BRAP and Shelter Plus Care Ginny Subsidyppt

Family Self-Sufficiency  Laurie Glidden HTS Presentation

PATH  Maine PATH Program Overview

Personally Identifiable Information  PII Awareness Training 2015 II

Housing Services  Rob Housing Services Training 2016

STEP Components  Scott’s 2016 ESHAP Training

DV Reporting for ESHAP- CSV Export from Oznium to MaineHousing

September 28, 2015 Comments off

DV Reporting for Home to Stay CSV

This is the recording from the 9/28/2015 GoTo meeting providing a howto training for Exporting HTS data from Oznium to MaineHousing