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Updated HMIS Data Entry Forms

September 16, 2015 Comments off

In order to align with the upcoming October 1, 2015 changes in the HMIS Data Standards, we have updated the sample HMIS data entry forms. The changes do not affect data collection on all screens, so we have posted only the forms with updates. These are available to agencies as a tool to aid in data collection, but are not required. The forms are posted in Word format so that projects can amend them as necessary to meet their data collection needs.

ESG Entry 2015

HTS Entry 2015

ESG and HTS Interim 2015

CoC Entry 2015

CoC Interim 2015

Annual Assessment 2015

SPC Entry 2015

SPC Interim 2015

PATH Entry 2015

SSVF Entry 2015

RHY Entry 2015

Youth Outreach Entry 2015

UDEs 2015

New Report – COC ESG HUD 2014 Entry completeness detail

December 19, 2014 Comments off

The COC ESG HUD 2014 Entry completeness detail report is designed to provide an overview of project data completeness and provide detail tables to help identify missing data.

In the HUD August 2014 HMIS Data Standards the program specific data requirements for ESG and for CoC programs such as Shelter Plus Care are almost identical. As a result this report addresses the data completeness requirements for most programs recording data in the Maine HMIS. The notable exceptions are SSVF and PATH who have additional requirements. Even for those programs the overlap is significant.

This report is intended to be used to review completeness on client records created or updated after 10/1/2014. If used with records previous to 10/1/2014 the report is likely to show a large number of missing data items. Other than as noted in the Maine Elements section, fields which are not part of the HUD August 2014 HMIS Data Standards are not included.

The report has multiple tabs, and uses input controls. The use guide is fairly long (10 pages) but is useful in making clear abbreviations that are used, the meaning of data completeness flags, and other usage specifics.  It is recommended that you download the guide and look it over before running the report.

You can down load the report guide here: COC ESG HUD 2014 Entry completeness detail 2014 Standard



Updated 2 – Income measure for Shelter System Change Program

December 10, 2014 Comments off

The “2 – Income measure for Shelter System Change Program” report has been updated.

We still have a lot of work to do to get all the reports completely working with the new data standards implemented  in October 2014. This report is an interim or “Beta” updated to resolve identified issues working with the HUD 2014 data standards changes.

We are expecting updated sample income monitoring reports from Bowman in January 2015. Once we receive these we will update this and other income related reports to match the standard way Bowman is developing for this kind of report. The substantial change in the new standards is that all major types of income are recorded for each client and the “Receiving Income Source” field equals “Yes” and the “Monthly Amount” are used to identify if a client is receiving that type of income.

The updated instructions are included in ART and attached here.

Income measure for Shelter System Change Program_updated

2014 ESG/CoC Data Standards Info and Sample Forms

October 1, 2014 Comments off

Some important notes on the HMIS Data Standard Implementation: ESG Reimbursement – The 2014 Data Standards are effective October 1, 2014. To allow ESG programs to be properly reimbursed for 3rd Quarter, we have delayed the update to ServicePoint until October 16th. You will need to collect new and continuing client’s data to comply with the new Data Standards so that it can be updated in the system after October 16th. We are providing example forms that will help you collect the needed data for new clients or updates between October 1 and the 16th. Trainings: We will be providing webinars on the new Data Standards on October 14, 15, and 16. Training information and registration links have been posted in a separate notice on We strongly encourage all users to attend one of these webinars. We also plan to offer additional trainings in October and November. Sample data collection forms – These sample forms are designed to detail the new fields and data requirements for meeting the October 2014 HUD Data Standard requirements as implemented in ServicePoint.

ESG Entry Form

ESG and HTS Interim Form

ESG Exit 2015

HTS Entry Form

HTS Exit 2015

CoC Entry

CoC Interim

CoC Exit Form 2015

Annual Assessment Form (APR Filers)

Universal Data Elements (UDEs)

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