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Updated HMIS Data Collection Forms

September 29, 2016 Comments off

The following are updated forms to facilitate HMIS data collection at Entry into your projects. The forms are broken out this year by UDEs and Program Specific Data requirements (one form for UDEs and one for Program Specific Data). All programs are required to complete the UDEs applicable to their project type in addition to their program specific data. The forms are posted as word documents so that you may edit or merge them into one document if that facilitates easier data collection. These forms are examples available to you but can be reformatted or replaced with an internal form AS LONG AS the required data for your program is being collected and entered into HMIS as outlined in the HMIS Data Standards Manual version 5.1.



UDEs for ES, SH, SO Programs 2016

UDEs for Programs OTHER THAN ES, SH, SO 2016

COC Entry Form 2016 (PSH, RRH, SSO, TH)

SPC Entry Form 2016

ESHAP Entry Form 2016 (ESG)

PATH Entry Form 2016

SSVF Entry Form 2016

VA GPD/CES Entry Form 2016

VA Outreach Entry Form 2016


RHY Entry Form 2016

DHHS Youth Outreach Entry Form 2016




Annual Assessment Form 2016

CoC Interim Form 2016

CoC SPC Interim Form 2016

ESHAP Interim and Follow Up Form 2016

PATH Interim Form 2016

RHY Interim Form 2016

SSVF Interim Form 2016

VA GPD/CES Interim Form 2016

VASH Interim Form 2016 pending approval

Youth Outreach Interim Form 2016




CoC Exit Form 2016

CoC SPC Exit Form 2016

ESHAP Exit Form 2016

PATH Exit Form 2016

RHY Exit Form 2016

SSVF Exit Form 2016

VA GPD/CES Exit Form 2016

VA Outreach Exit Form 2016

VASH Exit Form 2016 pending approval

Youth Outreach Exit Form 2016




PATH Funded (federally) Services and Referrals2016


Agreement Forms

August 14, 2014 Comments off

All of our current agreement forms can be reached from the Agency Forms tab at the top of the page

or click here to go to Agency Forms.


HMIS Policy and Procedures Manual

June 22, 2009 Comments off

This document is the core part of the HMIS Policies and procedures manual.

Maine HMIS Procedures Manual Core_03_27_2009

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