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September ART Training -Video

September 17, 2015 Comments off

If you missed the ART Training webinar here is the recorded version.


The handouts for the training:

HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail report updated

February 17, 2015 Comments off

‘HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail v 2.0’ is a small update to address miss-reporting Total Months homeless in the last 3 years as missing when Number of Times Homeless in the past three years was less than 4. It also has an update to Missing and DKR filters used in Input Controls to work correctly with Total Months homeless in the last 3 years as missing when Number of Times Homeless in the past three years was less than 4. Updated SS# alerter to correctly flag when SSN is complete but SSN DQ is missing.

Also note that the ‘Completeness review detail v 0.2.1 ‘ report that predates the 2014 HUD standards has been retired.

Updated 2 – Income measure for Shelter System Change Program

December 10, 2014 Comments off

The “2 – Income measure for Shelter System Change Program” report has been updated.

We still have a lot of work to do to get all the reports completely working with the new data standards implemented  in October 2014. This report is an interim or “Beta” updated to resolve identified issues working with the HUD 2014 data standards changes.

We are expecting updated sample income monitoring reports from Bowman in January 2015. Once we receive these we will update this and other income related reports to match the standard way Bowman is developing for this kind of report. The substantial change in the new standards is that all major types of income are recorded for each client and the “Receiving Income Source” field equals “Yes” and the “Monthly Amount” are used to identify if a client is receiving that type of income.

The updated instructions are included in ART and attached here.

Income measure for Shelter System Change Program_updated

ART data will refresh twice a day starting on Monday August 25th

August 22, 2014 Comments off

Midday ART data refresh will start on Monday August 25th

We will do two ART refreshes a day. Currently we have one “Early Morning” ART refresh which includes data entered or updated before about 4:30 AM. We are adding a noon refresh starting on Monday August 25.

The second refresh will start grabbing data a bit after 12 noon. The data extraction for ART takes between 40 and 60 minutes.

You can still use ART between 12 noon and 1PM. While the data is being extracted, if you have a report running or start a new report running ART will use the early morning data. Once the refresh is completed any reports started will use the updated data.

Said simply – Any reports run before 1PM use the EARLY AM data and any reports run after 1PM will use the BEFORE NOON data.

At any point if you wonder when the last ART refresh was completed you can look at the bottom of the ServicePoint ‘Advanced Reporting Tool’ page and see when the Last Warehouse Build. The last Warehouse build date and time shows when the refresh finished. In the case of the noon refresh, the Last Warehouse build time will be about 12:45 and the data included will be data entered or updated before 12 noon.

Updated reports and retired reports Listing

August 8, 2014 Comments off

We are doing a review of existing reports to improve report documentation and to prepare for updates as the new HUD data standards are rolled out in October.

This posting will be an ongoing listing of changes and updates to reports.


In the Emergency Shelter > Data Quality folder

  • 0253 – Income Data Quality – v2 (s) Updated version from Bowman
  • Data Completeness detail (2012) v1.2.4 (s) Retired
  • ESG 2013 Provider Detail v 2.0 (s) renamed to ESG 2013 Data Completeness Detail v 2.0 (s)

In the Data Quality folder,

  •  “Data Completeness detail (2012) v1.2.4 (s)” report has been updated and replaced by replaced by “UDE Data Completeness detail (2013) v 1.3 (s)”  to improve speed of running and update report.
  • “Troubleshooting Households Client POV BETA (s) 2012” report retired , This report was older and a bit confusing plus “Data Completeness detail (2012) v1.2.4 (s)” and other reports give similar information on household groupings.


ART 101 Part 2 – Filters and Controls

May 16, 2014 Comments off

ART 101 Part 2 – Filters and Controls

Part 1 of this series was done a while ago. It is available under videos on

The Part 1 saved video is at

This presentation will build on part 1 and cover the advanced ‘basics’ of running ART reports as well as show how to use some of the “hidden” reporting features.

  • Using Built-in Report filters
  • Using Input Controls
  • On-the-Fly Filtering reports
  • Exporting data to spreadsheets and CSV.
  • If we have time – Scheduled Reports

ART and Internet running slow?

December 17, 2013 Comments off

We have seen some intermittent slowdown of ART reporting in the last few days. It looks like this is a result of slow periods in the Internet not any performance issue at Bowman.

I have jokingly said that this is a result of last min shopping on-line. Whatever the cause, we are monitoring this and if there are specifics we can address we will work with Bowman to address them.