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2017 Data Standards

October 12, 2017 Comments off

We have complete the 2017 Data Standards Training. Changes take effect on October 1, 2017.

HMIS-Data-Dictionary 2017

SP 5.12.46 Release Notes 2017


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Updated HMIS Data Collection Forms

October 12, 2017 Comments off

The following are updated forms to facilitate HMIS data collection at Entry into your projects. The forms are broken out this year by UDEs and Program Specific Data requirements (one form for UDEs and one for Program Specific Data). All programs are required to complete the UDEs applicable to their project type in addition to their program specific data. The forms are posted as word documents so that you may edit or merge them into one document if that facilitates easier data collection. These forms are examples available to you but can be reformatted or replaced with an internal form AS LONG AS the required data for your program is being collected and entered into HMIS as outlined in the HMIS Data Standards Manual.



CoC Entry 2017

CoC SPC Entry 2017

ESHAP Entry 2017

PATH Entry 2017

RHY Entry 2017

SSVF Entry 2017

UDEs for ES-SH-SO 2017

UDEs for Programs other than ES-SH-SO 2017

VA Outreach Entry 2017

VA GPD CES Entry 2017

VASH Entry 2017

Youth Outreach Entry 2017




Annual Assessment Form 2017

CoC Interim 2017

CoC SPC Interim 2017

ESHAP Interim 2017

PATH Interim 2017

RHY Interim 2017

SSVF Interim 2017

VA GPD CES Interim 2017

VASH Interim 2017

Youth Outreach Interim 2017





CoC Exit Form 2017

CoC SPC Exit 2017

ESHAP Exit 2017

PATH Exit 2017

RHY Exit 2017

SSVF Exit 2017

VA GPD CES Exit 2017

VA Outreach Exit-2017

VASH Exit 2017

Youth Outreach Exit 2017




RHY Post-Exit Assessment 2017

PATH Services and Referrals 2017



Upcoming HMIS Data Standard Changes

October 1, 2017 Comments off

Effective October 1, 2017, HUD has made a few critical changes to the HMIS Data Standards. A PowerPoint at the link following this message includes guidance from our software vendor and HUD on these changes.  The PowerPoint includes information about how the elements will change as well as the data entry and update expectations for each change. Information on additional training in ServicePoint will be forthcoming as the changes are configured in the system. In addition, updated data entry sheets have been posted to Please contact the HMIS Help Desk with questions.


Link: Data Standards 2017 Updates – Training




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