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Updated HMIS Data Collection Forms

September 29, 2016 Comments off

The following are updated forms to facilitate HMIS data collection at Entry into your projects. The forms are broken out this year by UDEs and Program Specific Data requirements (one form for UDEs and one for Program Specific Data). All programs are required to complete the UDEs applicable to their project type in addition to their program specific data. The forms are posted as word documents so that you may edit or merge them into one document if that facilitates easier data collection. These forms are examples available to you but can be reformatted or replaced with an internal form AS LONG AS the required data for your program is being collected and entered into HMIS as outlined in the HMIS Data Standards Manual version 5.1.



UDEs for ES, SH, SO Programs 2016

UDEs for Programs OTHER THAN ES, SH, SO 2016

COC Entry Form 2016 (PSH, RRH, SSO, TH)

SPC Entry Form 2016

ESHAP Entry Form 2016 (ESG)

PATH Entry Form 2016

SSVF Entry Form 2016

VA GPD/CES Entry Form 2016

VA Outreach Entry Form 2016


RHY Entry Form 2016

DHHS Youth Outreach Entry Form 2016




Annual Assessment Form 2016

CoC Interim Form 2016

CoC SPC Interim Form 2016

ESHAP Interim and Follow Up Form 2016

PATH Interim Form 2016

RHY Interim Form 2016

SSVF Interim Form 2016

VA GPD/CES Interim Form 2016

VASH Interim Form 2016 pending approval

Youth Outreach Interim Form 2016




CoC Exit Form 2016

CoC SPC Exit Form 2016

ESHAP Exit Form 2016

PATH Exit Form 2016

RHY Exit Form 2016

SSVF Exit Form 2016

VA GPD/CES Exit Form 2016

VA Outreach Exit Form 2016

VASH Exit Form 2016 pending approval

Youth Outreach Exit Form 2016




PATH Funded (federally) Services and Referrals2016


HMIS Data Standards Manual

September 2, 2016 Comments off

The following is a link to the most recent version of the HMIS Data Standards Manual. This version includes the upcoming changes that will be in effect on October 1, 2017.


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Updated HMIS Data Entry Forms

September 16, 2015 Comments off

In order to align with the upcoming October 1, 2015 changes in the HMIS Data Standards, we have updated the sample HMIS data entry forms. The changes do not affect data collection on all screens, so we have posted only the forms with updates. These are available to agencies as a tool to aid in data collection, but are not required. The forms are posted in Word format so that projects can amend them as necessary to meet their data collection needs.

ESG Entry 2015

HTS Entry 2015

ESG and HTS Interim 2015

CoC Entry 2015

CoC Interim 2015

Annual Assessment 2015

SPC Entry 2015

SPC Interim 2015

PATH Entry 2015

SSVF Entry 2015

RHY Entry 2015

Youth Outreach Entry 2015

UDEs 2015

Updated – Project data completeness detail w Services and SPDAT Report

May 20, 2015 Comments off

The Project data completeness detail w Services and SPDAT report has been updated to address an issue found when this report was run by long term residential programs. Reports run by shelters and other short term projects that do not do interim assessments were not impacted by this issue. There are no in prompts or look and feel changes. It was found that were the client has changes in Income, Disability, or Insurance recorded after the clients entry date in some cases the report would show the data at entry as missing. This update addresses that issue. The updated report can be found in the Data Quality and Emergency Shelter folders in ART. We have also updated the CoC (Continuum of Care) folder to included the new version.

A special thanks to Vickey at CHOM for working with the HMIS team to identify this issue.

Getting to Great Data for the NOFA

May 12, 2015 Comments off

This video was created to support improving data completeness to help comply with the new HUD standards and to get ready for the 2015 NOFA.

Instructions for running the Benchmark completeness detail report: Benchmark UDE Entry completeness detail

HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail Report

January 22, 2015 Comments off

This is a companion report to the “COC ESG HUD 2014 Entry Completeness” report. That report covers all the items in the Universal Data Elements plus CoC / ESG Program specific data elements. This new report only looks at the Universal Data Elements. As a result the report runs faster when used for large numbers of client records.

The HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail report is designed to provide an overview of program data completeness and provide detail to help identify and remedy missing UDE data elements.
Usage Note: This report looks only at the Universal Data Element completeness using the data elements and requirements as defined in the HUD August 2014 HMIS Data Standards Manual. This report does not look at program specific elements which are also required data entry for programs such as ESG and PSH. This report will not accurately report completeness for clients records where the client exited before 10/1/2014 and should not be used to review records that have existed prior to 10/1/2014 unless those records have been updated to complete the data elements which are new in the 2014 data standards.

The report is available in the data quality category in ART. (It is also available in other ART folders)

HUD 2015 udeThe detail tab uses a lot of column abbreviations consulting the documentation explains the abbreviations.

Documentation on running and using the report is: HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail

2015 Housing Inventory report video

January 22, 2015 Comments off

This video reviews the new Housing Inventory report in ART and the data required to complete it.

Remember the deadline for getting the updated Housing Inventory form to the HMIS team is February 12th 2015.