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2017 PIT – HIC Forms Due February 8th.

January 30, 2017

This is a reminder that 2017 PIT and HIC reports are due to MaineHousing, February 8th.

Emergency shelters and Transitional Housing programs are required to send a signed PIT certification to us using one of the methods listed below. All housing projects with bed inventory must review and submit a HIC form for each project and return them by the same date using one of the methods listed below.

For shelters and transitional housing projects to view and validate their data for the night of the PIT, the following steps should be taken:

-Run the “Sheltered Count and Detail PIT 2017” in ART. This report can be found in the “PIT 2017” folder located in the Public Folder
-Please review this report carefully to be sure that the information is accurate as of the date of the annual PIT Survey. This is January 24, 2017. Remember that all clients who have left the program should have appropriate exit dates.
-Once you have verified that the data is accurate, print the certification page (page 1 of the report), and sign and date it. Please send in only the certification page.

For all projects requiring a HIC form, run the Housing Inventory Chart Update report in the Housing Inventory folder of the ART Public Folder. Review and update the form and return to us. There is a guidance document in the same folder that gives detailed information on the report.

For all youth under the age of 25, fill out a youth form (orange) in addition to the other forms.

-Return the completed and signed form:

Mail to: MaineHousing, Attn: Amanda Castner, 353 Water St, Augusta ME. 04330


EMAIL: PIT2017@mainehousing.org

Thank you for your time and attention to the annual PIT count and Housing Inventory process.

-The HMIS Team

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