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Upcoming HMIS Data Standard Changes

September 2, 2015

Effective October 1, 2015, HUD has made a few critical changes to the HMIS Data Standards. A PowerPoint at the link following this message includes guidance from our software vendor and HUD on these changes. The changes include a change to the Universal Data Element 3.17 – Length of Time on Street, in an Emergency Shelter, or Safe Haven, a change to one of the HUD Program Specific data elements, an update and addition to RHY data elements, and an update and addition to SSVF data elements. The PowerPoint includes information about how the elements will change as well as the data entry and update expectations for each change. Information on additional training in ServicePoint will be forthcoming as the changes are configured in the system. In addition, updated data entry sheets will be posted to mainehmis.org in the coming weeks. Please contact the HMIS Help Desk with questions.


Link: 2015 HMIS Data Standards Critical Changes




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