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HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail Report

January 22, 2015

This is a companion report to the “COC ESG HUD 2014 Entry Completeness” report. That report covers all the items in the Universal Data Elements plus CoC / ESG Program specific data elements. This new report only looks at the Universal Data Elements. As a result the report runs faster when used for large numbers of client records.

The HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail report is designed to provide an overview of program data completeness and provide detail to help identify and remedy missing UDE data elements.
Usage Note: This report looks only at the Universal Data Element completeness using the data elements and requirements as defined in the HUD August 2014 HMIS Data Standards Manual. This report does not look at program specific elements which are also required data entry for programs such as ESG and PSH. This report will not accurately report completeness for clients records where the client exited before 10/1/2014 and should not be used to review records that have existed prior to 10/1/2014 unless those records have been updated to complete the data elements which are new in the 2014 data standards.

The report is available in the data quality category in ART. (It is also available in other ART folders)

HUD 2015 udeThe detail tab uses a lot of column abbreviations consulting the documentation explains the abbreviations.

Documentation on running and using the report is: HUD UDE 2015 Entry completeness detail