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Fix for the Firefox error message when running ART

January 21, 2015

Since the ART update last weekend, we have had a couple of reports of FoxFire users getting an error message when they attempt to run a report. the error looks something like this.

“Internal Error.the value of parameter is invalid (Error:Inf)”

If you are experiencing this the first thing to do is to clear the Cache.

There is a difference between the browser history and the browser cache. I have attached a screen shot of clearing the cache in FireFox.

Clearing the Cache in the current FireFox

  • From the three bars button on the upper right side of the browser window choose Options and from the dialog.
  • Choose the Advanced choice
  • Choose the Network tab – you should see the Cached Web Content section.
  • Click on Clear now then close the Browser. (and all tabs or other windows of the browser).
  • Re-open the browser and see if ART works as it should.












If that doesn’t work – please report the problem in the Help desk.

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