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New report – UDE Demographics (HUD 2014 Standards)

December 12, 2014

The “HUD UDE Demographics (2014 HUD Standards) v 1.1” report is designed to provide counts and percentages for the fields in the Universal Data Elements as presented in the HUD August 2014 HMIS Data Standards Manual.

This report gives client counts and percentages based on data from fields included in the following sections of the August 2014 Data Standards.

3.3 Date of Birth
3.4 Race
3.5 Ethnicity
3.6 Gender
3.7 Veteran Status
3.8 Disabling Condition
3.9 Residence Prior to Project Entry
3.12 Destination
3.15 Relationship to Head of Household
3.16 Client Location
3.17 Length of Time on Street, in an ES or Safe Haven

This report is located in ART > Statistics > Demographics

The user guide for this report is here and in the Demographics folder in ART.

UDE Demographics HUD 2014 Standards guide