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CoC APR and E-snaps Validation Issues

December 5, 2014

What follows is a News Flash from Bowman Systems.

CoC APR and E-snaps Validation Issues
HUD is working on two E-snaps validation issues found when attempting to submit the CoC APR.
Q25 and Q26 Issues: Several customers have reported an issue with validations in e-snaps related to recent CoC APR changes to Income Q25 and Non-Cash Benefits Q26. Per HUD specifications we have modified the Income and Non-Cash benefits questions to include only Adults and Heads of Households. Children in households are no longer included.

Q7 and Q8 Issues for Street Outreach Project only: HUD has informed vendors that there is a validation error appearing for Q7 and Q8.

E-snaps has not yet been modified to accept these recent changes to the APR based on the 2014 Data Dictionary and is giving a validation error when attempting to save/submit. If you experience such an error, HUD asks that you submit a question via the AAQ to get the issue on record for your community.

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