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ESG and HTS Cirtification report(s) Updated

October 28, 2014

Emergency Shelter and Home to stay certification report has been updated.

The ESG and HTS certification reports were very much the same. It uses the same prompts. This report is an interim approach to getting this report updated for the 2014 HUD standards the ‘ESG HTS Certification of data completeness v3.0 BETA (s)’ Has been updated for use with both ESG and HTS programs.

The same report is available on the HTS ESG folder in ART and The Shelter Data Completeness tab.

The ‘ESG HTS Certification of data completeness v3.0 BETA (s)’ report has been updated to remove fields that are no longer in the 2014 UDE from the grade calculation and has started the process of adding in the new UDE fields. In the current version the report includes the new Name Data Quality field but does not include it in the grade calculation. The Housing Status field is no longer part of the core UDE and has been removed from the grade calculation.

The various fields shown on the report have been updated to use the new ‘Client doesn’t know’ and ‘Client refused’ answers as well as the older values. The report has NOT been updated to include the ‘Data Not Collected answer as a missing value in the current version. This will be added in a later update.

This report does not include the Relationship to Household field, Client Location or the new Length of time in Shelter or on the street fields. It is assumed that they will be included later.

Use by Emergency Shelters: The grade and certification line respond to the values noted. ESG users can ignore the Home to stay services section on the Data Completeness Certification tab and the Services Tab.

When this report is used by Home To stay providers the Home to stay related services will be reported in the Home to stay section and on the services tab.

The new report ‘Completeness review detail v 0.2.1’ only currently the current data detail report that is updated for the new standards and pick list. The user manual for this, Completeness review detail- v 0.2.1 USER Guide.pdf is included in the Data Quality tab in ART and on the MainHMIS.org site for a download here.


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