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ART report updates, how do you find out what works?

October 23, 2014

As we work on testing and revising ART reports we will keep a continuously updated listing of reports that have been tested and confirmed to work with the updated ServicePoint and the 2014 HUD data standards will be available in ART in the folder ‘_HUD 2014 Standards (tested reports list)’




This word document will be updated frequently to add reports to the list as they are tested and updated.


End of week update 10/24 – During the week we reviewed and updated 15 reports. We still have a long way to go but it is a start. One of the types of report which was most impacted by the updates to meet the 2014 data standards were data quality detail reports which make ‘judgments’ about data completeness. The changes in pick list values are a huge issue for this kind of report. The word file with the listing of tested reports is,  as noted above, in the ART >_HUD 2014 Standards (tested reports list).

We have made use of some work from Bowman report writing staff to help us get a working data completeness report available quickly. The report  Completeness review detail v 0.2.1 (s) is built using the core of a report Bowman has started updating for the 2014 Data Standards. It does not address all of the new standard fields and will probably be updated fairly often over the next few weeks. But it gives a good look at completeness for some fields important to data quality. The report works a bit differently from our current reports and has a very useful Input control. The User guide for this report is posted here and in the ART Data Quality folder.

Completeness review detail- v 0.2.1 USER Guide

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