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Bowman Systems video intro to the new HUD data standards

September 17, 2014

This video is part of a longer presentation made by Candice Hacker who is Bowman Systems Industry Compliance Officer. The presentation was mostly for System Administrators but this edited version provides a good outline of the new HUD data standards and talks a bit about how those standards are being implemented by Bowman Systems.

The presentation states that the updated ServicePoint will be available on 9/11/2014 and that the updated version should go into use by 10/1/2014. Because our version of ServicePoint has been customized, we need to confirm that all the custom features will work correctly, prior to going live with the new version.

We may need to implement the new version slightly after October 1 to assure all functionality is working as it should.

Hopefully this is helpful.

More information and training opportunities will be announced soon.

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