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ART data will refresh twice a day starting on Monday August 25th

August 22, 2014

Midday ART data refresh will start on Monday August 25th

We will do two ART refreshes a day. Currently we have one “Early Morning” ART refresh which includes data entered or updated before about 4:30 AM. We are adding a noon refresh starting on Monday August 25.

The second refresh will start grabbing data a bit after 12 noon. The data extraction for ART takes between 40 and 60 minutes.

You can still use ART between 12 noon and 1PM. While the data is being extracted, if you have a report running or start a new report running ART will use the early morning data. Once the refresh is completed any reports started will use the updated data.

Said simply – Any reports run before 1PM use the EARLY AM data and any reports run after 1PM will use the BEFORE NOON data.

At any point if you wonder when the last ART refresh was completed you can look at the bottom of the ServicePoint ‘Advanced Reporting Tool’ page and see when the Last Warehouse Build. The last Warehouse build date and time shows when the refresh finished. In the case of the noon refresh, the Last Warehouse build time will be about 12:45 and the data included will be data entered or updated before 12 noon.