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Updated reports and retired reports Listing

August 8, 2014

We are doing a review of existing reports to improve report documentation and to prepare for updates as the new HUD data standards are rolled out in October.

This posting will be an ongoing listing of changes and updates to reports.


In the Emergency Shelter > Data Quality folder

  • 0253 – Income Data Quality – v2 (s) Updated version from Bowman
  • Data Completeness detail (2012) v1.2.4 (s) Retired
  • ESG 2013 Provider Detail v 2.0 (s) renamed to ESG 2013 Data Completeness Detail v 2.0 (s)

In the Data Quality folder,

  •  “Data Completeness detail (2012) v1.2.4 (s)” report has been updated and replaced by replaced by “UDE Data Completeness detail (2013) v 1.3 (s)”  to improve speed of running and update report.
  • “Troubleshooting Households Client POV BETA (s) 2012” report retired , This report was older and a bit confusing plus “Data Completeness detail (2012) v1.2.4 (s)” and other reports give similar information on household groupings.