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ServicePoint computer, cpu, memory, and browser requirements

May 16, 2014

What follows is the official statement from Bowman Systems on the computer, cpu, memory and browser requirements.

We would probably add a warning about Windows XP now that it is officially obsolete and unsupported by Microsoft. And not that we have had issues reported with IE browser versions above IE9.

What does it mean? If you have a computer purchased new in the last few years you will probably meet or exceed the ServicePoint requirements. Older machines with a bit less than the recommended specification should still work but may be slower that you would like or present other usability issues.


ServicePoint 5 relies on the client machine more than previous versions. Therefore, faster machines will have better results; where in the past most of the performance was related to the server and connection speed. Fast internet connection and browser speed are still important, which is why Internet Explorer 8 and 9 are recommended over IE7. Some performance tests indicate IE8 can double the speed of IE7.


  • If Win7 – 4 Gig recommended, (2 Gig minimum)
  • If Vista – 4 Gig recommended, (2 Gig minimum)
  • If XP – 2 Gig recommended, (1 Gig minimum)

Monitor – Screen Display – 1024 by 768 (XGA) or higher (1280×768 strongly advised)

Processor – Avoid using single-core CPUs

Internet Connection – Broadband

Browser – Chrome is recommended; Firefox is a good alternate; IE8 and 9 are acceptable.



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