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Old Data error and correcting the PIT count

February 4, 2014

We have had a couple of reports of clients who are not currently in a shelter showing up on the Point-in-Time count report. After researching this we have identified that there are a small number of records where a data error made in 2010 or before is causing the clients with that error to be counted as currently in shelter.

The error involves clients with a “Shelter Stay Service  BH-1800” (not to be confused with an entry / exit into a shelter) without an end date. Bowman’s standard Point in Time report sees this as a client who is still in the shelter. (even thought the Entry Exit record says otherwise)  This reflects an error made years ago. We have found 40 records spread over a number of shelters with this error.

Over the next day or so we will identify and fix these errors so that the PIT count is correct. Correcting the error will not impact other data in any way other than to assure that the PIT count is correct.

We have found no records after 2010 with the error so we can assume that our great HMIS training is doing the trick 😉

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