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0625 – HUD CoC APR – v20 report update

January 22, 2014

Bowman has made some necessary updates to the ‘0625 CoC APR’. This report is now available in the  APR (Annual Performance Report) folder in ART. To quote Bowman “Please use this version to run future APRs  as you’ll see more accurate results”. The updated companion ‘0631 APR Detail’ is also available in the same folder.

What are the changes about? HUD programming guidance given to Bowman on the use of the income recording by category vs the Total Monthly Income field for this report required changes in the calculation and how recorded data is used. Prior to the new APR, the HUD required logic  was an either / or. Either use the Sub-assessment to record the clients income OR use the Monthly income.

With changes from HUD, there are now situations where  “Total Monthly Income” used when there was data in both. In the new APR the logic has been changed and focuses on recording all earned income in the sub-assessment and reporting more completely on income. The  use of the data in the “Total Monthly Income” field in conjunction with the sub-assessment data has presented some issues. this update addresses some of those issues.

We expect another update to this report will be available on Tuesday the 28th. If you have an APR due this month it is recommended that you use the new version that will be available next week.

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