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Update to the APR update… do not use the old APR…

October 4, 2013

We just got this from Bowman, it is an announcement that HUD just put out to the software vendors.

Note- This only should impact programs which have APRs due now or in the near future. If your APRs are due later, this should be resolved before your reports are due.


“To: All HMIS Vendors

On October 1, 2013 HUD’s CoC APR was scheduled to change reflect revisions to the income related questions. As planned, HMIS vendors implemented these revisions on October 1.

However, we have now learned that neither e-snaps nor the CoC APR Guidebook were updated. Given the current government shutdown, these changes cannot be implemented until HUD re-opens.

Please do not redeploy the old APR income questions. Instead, please advise your customers who have APRs due to submit a question to the CoC desk in the AAQ at https://www.onecpd.info/ask-a-question/. In their question, they should state that they are not able to submit their APR, due to the current version of the APR that is in e-snaps. We have coordinated this with the AAQ responders on that desk and they will provide direct information and guidance to the grantee. Grantees will be told in a formal response to their question to hold off entering their APR until HUD re-opens and has made the correction in e-snaps. Hopefully, this will allay any concerns grantees have about this situation. HUD will notify all grantees via a listserv message when the income question revisions are live in e-snaps.”

ALSO when asking about those those who have already opened the APR in e-snaps:
“E-snaps will prohibit them from entering their APR unless it is complete and the validations embedded in the system check. So even if they started the APR in e-snaps they won’t be able submit it. HUD does not want to receive the old APR answers. So “hold” is the way to go. They may feel like they need to tell someone or verify that their vendors didn’t do something wrong – thus we created the AAQ way to give them a formal response indicating you were on time – HUD was not and that they should hold their data until the system is updated. They can use AAQ if they choose to – but do not have to.”

More as we know more.