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Update on CoC APR in E-snaps. Changes on hold?

October 4, 2013

It was announced that the new CoC APR would be in e-snaps the start of October and that vendors were to release their supporting reports by that time.

Bowman Systems have provided us with this Update on CoC APR in E-snaps


“We have learned that for the time being the e-snaps version of the CoC APR will not be updated to the new version (0625 CoC APR V15). We do not have an expected release date for the new version of the CoC APR in e-snaps. To accommodate users who do not have a saved copy of V14 this weekend we will re-release the 0625 CoC APR (Pre HUD Changes) v14 in the automapper. You will see both versions of the CoC APR until this issue is resolved and HUD informs us that the “old” version is no longer in e-snaps.

Our understanding (and we are still trying to confirm this through AAQ) is that if your users have already opened the CoC APR in e-snaps then they will complete and submit this “old” version.”


We have left the “Older versions of APR” still active in ART and you can find it in the APR (Annual Performance Report)> Older versions of APR >0625 – HUD CoC APR – v13 (s) if you need it.  We will review the v14 version mentioned in their announcement to see if it has changes that would make it important to reintroduce it.

We appreciate your patience!


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