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HMIS Team Update

September 13, 2013

The HMIS Team has added a new member and shifted responsibilities a bit.

Please join us in welcoming Kelly Watson! Kelly started working for Maine Housing at the front desk in January of this year and joined the HMIS Team in July. She is excited to get to know all of you in her new role as Homeless Information Resource Officer. Her primary responsibilities will be HMIS Training and account set up for new users as well as continuing education for current users. She will also be helping the team with end-user support for the ServicePoint system. If you need to get in touch with Kelly with questions or to set up training, she can be reached at 207-624-5742 or kwatson@mainehousing.org.

Megan Spencer has moved into a new role as Homeless Information Resource Coordinator. She will be primarily responsible for implementation, planning, installation, operations, and compliance of the HMIS. She will be supporting HMIS functionality by overseeing system upgrades and enhancements and workflow development for new initiatives and users. Megan will also be working in the areas of data analysis, interpretation, and data quality. She will be coordinating the grant application process, submitting annual federal reports (APR), and managing the AHAR submission process. Megan can be reached at 207-624-5783 or mspencer@mainehousing.org.

Clif Graves continues to serve as the Homeless Information Resource Specialist. He is responsible for the planning, installation, development, delivery, and reporting operations of the HMIS. Clif also focuses on standards, policies, and procedures related to security, confidentiality, HUD compliance, and functionality of the HMIS system and supporting peripherals. He is the primary support for end-users who need assistance with reporting and creates reports and other tools that allow system users to validate their own data. Clif can be reached at 207-626-4671 or cgraves@mainehousing.org.

As we update you on our roles, we would like to emphasize that the HMIS team works collaboratively to provide you with assistance. While we each have our specialties, we are also strong proponents of a team approach to problem solving. Should you need assistance, and are unable to reach one of us, please feel free to contact the other team members so that we can identify and address your needs.

We encourage users to visit mainehmis.org for the latest HMIS news and information, current training schedule, training documents and videos, and other valuable resources. We would also like to remind users to use this site for any HMIS help requests you may have. The Help Desk form can be accessed by clicking the “Help” tab at the top of the page.

The HMIS Team would also like to hear from you if you have comments about what we are doing right, how we can assist you better, or ideas for future improvements. Thanks!

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