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HMIS System Hardware upgrade, Wednesday September 18 completed

September 13, 2013

HMIS System Hardware upgrade Wednesday September 18 has been completed!

The servers behind the Maine HMIS installation have had a major hardware upgrade. This replaces all the servers and hard drives we purchased in 2009 with new servers and hard drives. While we have newer faster components, the primary goal is to provide for ongoing system reliability and expandability to meet anticipated system growth over the next few years.

The new server hardware had already been installed and tested. On Wednesday evening September 18 the data from our live servers was transfered to the new servers,the new servers put into use, and the old servers were turned off.  ServicePoint and ART were unavailable for about 3 hours while the cut-over and final testing was done.

Following the upgrade, we are seeing a noticeable speed improvement in a few processes but in general you should not see any difference in how ServicePoint looks or acts. There are a lot of variables that impact your perception of ServicePoint speed and response including the speed and memory on the machine you are accessing ServicePoint with as well as the speed of your Internet connection which will impact your perceived performance.


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