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NOFA Renewal 5A, 5B, 5C reports are ready (Updated)

December 6, 2012

The NOFA renewal 5A, 5B, 5C reports are ready.  These reports were created quite quickly and have not gone through our normal QA process so that they could get to those who needed them as quickly as possible.  That said the testing we did indicated that the reports are doing what they should. Note:The 5A 5B report has been updated on 12/07/2012 to fix an identified issue with the Substance Abuse counts on the 5B tab.

There are two reports in ART.

1- Renewal 5A and 5B Questions 2012 BETA v.05
1- Renewal 5A and 5B Questions 2012 BETA v.07
2- Renewal 5C Question v.05 Beta

For each there is a pdf with instructions and more information these are

1- Renewal 5A and 5B Questions 2012 instructions.pdf

2-Renewal 5C Question 2012 instructions.pdf

Both reports and instructions can be found in the NOFA section of ART


It is important that you read the instructions for the “Renewal 5A and 5B Questions 2012” prior to running it to be sure you get the prompts right. Not that it isn’t a good idea to read both prior to using the report but the 5A-5B report is the most complex in how the prompts are used.

As always if you need help or see something that does not look right please post your question to the HELP for m at https://mainehmis.org/help-request-form/

Clarification on the 5C report.

The 5C is a projective question (If you look at the eSnaps page instructions it becomes clear). The report we wrote lets you see a historic report of percentages. You can choose a year of three or 5 years to look back at the percentages.

The instructions say, “Enter the percentage of homeless person(s) who will be served by the proposed project for each of the following locations”. The intent is for you to project the future percentages expected. The report cannot do that (Telling the future, don’t have an app for that!). What the report does do is show you the historic percentages for you to use as a basis for that projection.

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