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Bowman Training Tip – Security and EDA

November 7, 2012


“How exactly is security applied for the data I enter when I use EDA mode?”

Data visibility/security is applied at the time the data is initially written to ServicePoint 5. The visibility/security that is written is based on the default provider visibility settings for the ‘Provider Creating’ the information. This ‘Provider Creating’ is the default provider for the user (the provider that shows at the top left portion of the ServicePoint site) unless the user is in EDA mode. Once a user enters EDA mode, the ‘Provider Creating’ becomes the provider that the user selected to Enter Data As, and any data entered while in EDA mode will inherit the default visibility settings of that EDA provider.

Example: If a user is creating an entry for a client while not in EDA mode, the visibility of that entry will be based on the default entry visibility for the user’s default provider even if they specify a different provider for the entry via the dropdown or provider search. If a user wants the entry to inherit the visibility of a different provider that they have EDA access to, they must use EDA mode and select the desired provider.
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