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ServicePoint udated to version 5.7.8 (many minor fixes, a few new features)

October 2, 2012

We had been holding off on receiving the latest ServicePoint bug fixes and updates while a couple of big things were being worked on under the hood. (for more on that see the Spring Cleanup article) Last week we got confirmation from ServicePoint that it was now “safe” to update to the latest ServicePoint version. We are now “up-to-date”.

The updates addressed about 40 items, some minor items needing fixing, some resolving bigger bugs issues.

Print that screen: One of the features which was added is that you will now see as a small “printer” icon in the upper right hand corner of the Entry / Exit dialog and in similar location in the Services Goal dialog. Clicking on this icon will send the dialog you are looking at to your printer as a “printer friendly version”.  So if you need to save a copy of what you entered into ServicePoint for the file or if a Client requests a copy, it is now much easier to do that.  (Please note – The “Print Entry / Exit Summary” button in the lower left of the entry exit dialog continues to just print a very limited set of data with the option of a signature.)

Updates to the PATH report: The standard PATH report had a number of updates to make the report more accurate.

ID cards: The ability to print Client ID cards was much improved (no one uses this in Maine yet. But when we do, it is now looking more ready)

Sub-assessment Data: A number of fixes to resolve issues where under some situations sub-assessment data did not show correctly were made.
And many more, that you probably will never notice but improved ServicePoint.

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