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Agency data completeness and DKR by Data Standard Report

August 27, 2012

The Agency data completeness and DKR by Data Standard report has been added to the ART > Public Folder > CoC>Agency data completeness  folder. Instructions for running the report are in the pdf which can be downloaded from the same ART folder.

The intent of this report is to allow agencies and CoC selection committees to review the overall HMIS data completeness and quality “Grade” for an entire agency rather than one program at a time. The data “Grade” does not test all possible fields for data completeness and should be considered only as an index of completeness not an exhaustive test of compliance with specific reporting requirements.

Most agencies record all the HUD universal data elements but some do not. In order to accommodate various programs in agencies which have differing data requirements and to accommodate the differences in data requirements between programs within a single agency, this report uses multiple data standards to adjust the grades based on that provider’s data requirements. (The actual fields tested in the calculations are included near the end of this document in the Technical Information section).

It is expected that the data quality standards will evolve over time and that as that happens this report will be updated to reflect the current standard.

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