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New Prompts on the New 0625 – HUD CoC APR

August 16, 2012

The 0625 – HUD CoC APR has been updated again. There are more prompts in the newly updated APR report. And to make it more interesting on the latest version from Bowman there are more. Getting the right choice in the right prompt is essential to getting the right answers on the report.  Here is a quick look at how to use the new prompt.


The last group of prompts are for special cases where some HUD funded programs must report that they have supporting documentation of the values reported. For most programs these last prompts should be answered as “NO”. The instructions below state that most users can use the default choice which is wrong. For Income or non-Cash to be reported in the CoC APR Report, a choice must be made in the last three prompts.

Click here to download CoC APR New Prompts120820 Updated  PDF instructions