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Make sure that your data is secure!

May 29, 2012

Make sure that your data is secure!

You can feel comfortable that the data stored in ServicePoint and the data stream to the Bowman Data center is secure.  More and more, we are seeing it is the data that is not in the data center that is the privacy risk.

The data security magazine “darkreading” recently reported that , Boston Children’s Hospital has had a potential breach stemming from a laptop stolen at a conference. A file had been emailed which contained the names, medical record numbers, birth dates, diagnoses, and procedure surgery dates for 2,159 patients.

The article in darkreaduing has a quotation from Neil Roiter, research director at Corero Network Security. “There have been numerous recent cases across the country involving lost or stolen laptops, missing backup media, and poorly secured health record databases involving tens, even hundreds of thousands of records.”

It is a good reminder that we should always be careful with our client data!

Here are some basic rules of data security.

1)     NEVER include Client Names, or Social Security Numbers in an email. (Once the email leaves your machine, you have no idea where it will end up or who will see it)

2)     NEVER use a USB memory drive to transfer Client Names, or Social Security Numbers or other client specific information UNLESS the file containing that data is encrypted so that should the drive containing it be lost or stolen no one could access the data.

3)     REMEMBER, it is not just electronic records that can be lost, or stolen, or fall into the “wrong” hands.  Be sure to use the same care to secure paper records containing client information as you do with electronic records.

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