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Entry Exits for multi person Households in Shelter

May 16, 2012

Tracking entries and exits from short-term stay programs is relatively easy for individual clients, but tracking the comings and goings of multiple family (or Household) members is a bit more challenging.  The challenge becomes even greater when different household members enter and exit at different times, or when family members exit and re-enter a program multiple times over the course of the family’s entire stay.

The following video describes the process for the correct treatment of  multiple household members at different times, including entering, exiting, and re-entering as needed.  The process also keeps in mind that for shorter-term programs such as Emergency Shelter it is important to achieve two different goals:

1) Proper “grouping” of household members, so that children do not inadvertently become “unaccompanied youth,” and

2) Accurate record keeping of program “stays” in shelter, which for Shelter Funding reimbursement purposes must be accurately counted as reimbursable “bednights.”

If you have any specific questions or complex household entry/exit issues after seeing the video, please feel free to contact the HMIS Help Desk using the “Help” link above.  Thank you.

…now on to the video:

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