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Updated HUD CoC APR and CoC APR Detail reports

May 1, 2012

Bowman has issued updates for two reports.  These reports have been added to the APR folder in ART.  In general the instructions for running the CoC APR report have not changed. The updated report changes are as follows.

0625 – HUD CoC APR – v10 – Released Updated logic for counting disabilities conditions on Tab F and H. Added Question 36. Updated manual and screen shots.

0631 CoC APR Detail -v9- Beta  Added Disability column and input control to Tab B. Added Q36 1, 2a, & 2b input filters and age column to Tab I. Added Q36 2a & 2b input filters to Tab J. Added Q36c 2a‐f input filters, “Rec Svs Entry” column, “Rec Svs Exit” column, and Disability Missing or DKR input filter to Tab L.

Note: These reports have a lot of prompt questions. Make sure that you answer all of them, especially the effective date, prior to running the report.