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Follow MaineHMIS.org – ServicePoint updates coming soon.

March 30, 2012

Maine HMIS news.

* Follow MaineHMIS.org
* ServicePoint updates coming soon.

 Follow MaineHMIS.
We have a new method to make sure that all the news and announcements regarding Maine HMIS reach you. You will see a new addition to our MaineHMIS.org web site. On the right hand of the screen under the Maine HMIS Links section is a new option “Follow MaineHMIS.org via Email”. By entering your email address and pressing the “Follow” button you will be subscribed to the site, meaning that, whenever a new item is posted you will receive an email with the title of the item.

Once you submit your email address you will receive a confirming email. You can opt out of the email list at any time using the instructions provided on the confirmation email or at the bottom of each email sent to you by the list.

Posting announcements to the web site and letting the “Follow list” email that announcement to the “subscribers” will become our primary method of making important announcements regarding ServicePoint and the HMIS system. To make sure that you don’t miss a thing, sign up today.

 ServicePoint updates coming soon.
We are not sure of the exact timing of the upgrade, but we are working on upgrading ServicePoint to the next “major” release version.

Don’t Panic, it is not as big a change as the change from ServicePoint 4-5!

This ServicePoint upgrade mostly focuses on a new approach to recording households. We are excited about this change as it is intended to make the correct recording of households easier and to allow tracking of household members who repeatedly enter and leave a shelter, residence, or household.  Needless to say, this will require some changes on the interface and in how things are done.

We are testing a early version of the new ServicePoint. When we and the ServicePoint folks are ready, we will be doing some training to get you ready for the changes.  This is likely to be in April or May but we have no firm dates as yet.

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