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What Headset and Microphone is best for Webinars?

September 8, 2010

At a training I was asked to recommend a “good headset and microphone” for Goto Meeting etc. The advantage of using your computer and a headset is that you can participate in GoTo meetings and the like without using the phone and without a related phone bill.

But as the questioner said, “I looked on-line and they were up to $150 or more. How much do I need to pay and what is a good one?”.

It is hard to answer this without sounding like a salesman but surprisingly enough, we found a headset / Microphone that is quite good and very low priced. This is the headset which I use for our GoTo meetings. It has good sound, both in the headset and the microphone, and a price of under $20 ( from Amazon ). That headset  is the “Cyber Acoustics  Headset/Microphone”. Clearly the $100+ set might be better, and many other brands may be as good a deal, but some more expensive ones purchased at a local big box store actually had notable lower sound quality.  So do not be put off by a low price.

So I hope that is a help.

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