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Speed your data entry – New feature – household data sharing

August 19, 2010

A while ago, ServicePoint added a feature to help speed data entry for household members. It is called “Household Data Sharing”. We have tested it and are implementing it in our copy of ServicePoint.  All providers should have the new feature available by the end of the day on Monday
August 30.

You will see the new “Household Sharing” section right below the Client profile information.

Clicking on the “Add Household Data” button brings up a dialog for you to enter data for all checked household members at one time.

The Household Data sharing is above the profile assessment but it shares the “back date” with the assessment on the profile page. Unless you are doing data entry as it happens, be sure to enter backdate mode prior to using the Household data sharing to add data to household members.

When the data is ready to go, press Save and close and it will apply the data in the fields to all the checked household members.

Of course,  if the data does not apply to all members you must leave one or more members unchecked and enter their data to their records manually.

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