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Agreement Forms

August 20, 2009 Comments off

Agency Paticipation Agreement

If your agency would like to participate in the Maine HMIS, the Agency Participation Agreement is the first form you will need to complete.  The agreement covers the areas of:  terms of use, training and technical assistance, confidentiality, security, and access to data.  This agreement should be signed by an official who is authorized to enter into contractual agreements on your agency’s behalf.

Click here to download:  HMIS Agency Participation Agreement

Agency Information Form

After your agency has agreed to participate in Maine HMIS, please take some time to tell us about the types of housing and services that your agency provides.  This will assist the Maine HMIS administrators when configuring your agency in HMIS.

Click here to download:  Agency Information Form

User Policy and Agreement

Once your agency is set up in HMIS, it would be helpful if users could login to enter data and run reports on behalf of the agency.  All users must read, acknowledge and sign the HMIS/ServicePoint User Policy, Responsibilities Statement, and Code of Ethics before they are allowed access to the HMIS system.

Click here to download:   Addendum_E_HMIS User Policy July2010rev

Virtual Office Acceptable Use Policy

Maine HMIS provides automated agency reports that demonstrate HMIS participation, monitor data completeness and data quality, and document shelter funding via a secure portal called the Virtual Office.  Authorized agency users may have access to the reporting portal after they have completed and agreed to the Acceptable Use Policy for the secure reporting site.

Click here to download:  Virtual Office Acceptable Use Policy Agreement


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